Working together to rescue the oppressed, redeem the broken, and restore the hurting.

Hot Air Balloon

Changing the world, together.

Our mission is to work together to rescue the oppressed, redeem the broken, and restore the hurting.

We're seeing lives changed through our unique approach which combines Human Intelligence (HUMINT), bleeding-edge technology, and strategic partnerships. We're here to help anyone who needs help.


We rescue the oppressed by focusing on victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. We work with law enforcement to identify victims, investigate criminal enterprises, and intervene by rescuing the victims from their oppression.


We redeem the broken by focusing on hard-to-reach populations like homeless individuals, ex-convicts, and the foster care system. We apply our HUMINT specialty on an individual basis, providing love, support, and encouragement as needed to help the broken piece their lives back together.


We restore the hurting by training teens, church congregations, and first-responders to identify and interact with the depressed and hurting around them. Our unique human-intelligence approach teaches average people to be present, aware, and engaged with the hurting around them.


Making a unique impact.

Technology and Undercover Operations

Project Goals: Use a mixture of bleeding-edge technology and well trained HUMINT operatives to investigate, infiltrate, disrupt, and destroy criminal enterprises engaged in preying on the vulnerable. Our focus is human trafficking and child pornography.

What it looks like: Working closely with government agencies. Managing and running bleeding- edge AI (artificial intelligence) servers. Sending operatives to infiltrate criminal organizations. Software development in the darknet.

Secret Agents of Grace

Project Goals: Recruit and empower people who interface with those on their worst days (bartenders, nurses, pharmacists, etc) to use basic HUMINT techniques to spread God's love and grace intelligently and effectively on an individual basis.

What it looks like: Counseling and encouraging individuals in bars, hospitals, street corners through counseling and HUMINT techniques. Building relationships with the intention to change lives. Giving away gift cards, letters, or other small gifts to maximize emotional impact.

Strategic Partnerships and Training

Project Goals: Train and empower churches and communities with HUMINT techniques to spread the gospel practically and effectively by identifying and restoring the hurting among them.

What it looks like: Working with churches to train their congregations (with a focus on youth) in HUMINT techniques. Encouraging and equipping church leadership to incorporate effective discipleship models into their mission.

Agents of Change

Project Goals: Send well-trained agents into areas of suffering (including homeless camps, foster care organizations, high-crime communities, etc) to alleviate suffering and enable individuals to change their lives.

What it looks like: Building individual relationships with hurting and vulnerable people. Help them navigate available resources - and advocate for them when needed. Counseling and HUMINT techniques to build emotional impact through relationships and advocacy.

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