Working together to rescue the oppressed, redeem the broken, and restore the hurting.

Changing the world, together.

Our mission is to work together to rescue the oppressed, redeem the broken, and restore the hurting.

Anyone, anywhere: we help those who "fall through the cracks" of existing churches and resources.

We help trafficking victims, abuse survivors, those going through divorce, depressed teens, and anyone else who needs help. Literally anyone, anywhere

Our unique approach is a psychologically-aware form of Human Intelligence (HUMINT). We've blended techniques from spy agencies into a psychologically-aware, faith and scripture-based approach to help people in the difficult times of life.

In other words, if the CIA was a church, that would be us.

Have you ever felt like you needed help, but couldn't find anyone? Ever seen someone in need asked what can I do? That's what we're here for - we're the missing piece.

Making a unique impact.

Humint Training

You know those moments when you want to help someone, but don't know what to say? When a friend just faced a life-altering tragedy and you feel helpless? Wanted to share your faith but felt awkward and tongue-tied?

Our training programs teach you the basics of "Human Intelligence" (Humint). We teach you how to read body language, build rapport, get people to open up to you, and how to communicate effectively.

This isn't your traditional classroom. It's highly personal and interactive. The first class is done in a secure, safe location. Subsequent classes take you "into the world".

Secret Agents of Grace

We recruit and empower people who interface with those on their worst days (bartenders, nurses, pharmacists, etc) to use basic HUMINT techniques to spread God's love and grace intelligently and effectively on an individual basis.

You'll never know who they are. That's the point: our secret agents meet people where they're at: in bars, clubs, hospitals, shelters, and so on.

It's not about building a brand; it's about changing lives.

Strategic Partnerships and Training

We train and empower organizations and communities with HUMINT techniques to spread the gospel practically and effectively by identifying and restoring the hurting among them.

For government agencies, we help law enforcement identify and interact with trafficking victims, abuse survivors, domestic situations, and more.

For churches, we help create safe environments while teaching staff and volunteers how to connect their congregations to healthy relationships and resources.

Agents of Change

We send well-trained agents into extreme areas of suffering (including homeless camps, foster care organizations, high-crime communities, human trafficking enterprises, etc) to alleviate suffering and enable individuals to change their lives.

Our agents build individual relationships with hurting and vulnerable people, helping them navigate available resources - and advocating for them when needed.

This program is not available to most; it requires prior undercover experience, and usually involves collaboration with law enforcement agencies.


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